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Lnb Inverto triple feed

  • Inverto triple feed

Lnb Inverto triple feed


Lnb Inverto triple feed

Lnb για λήψη 3 δορυφόρων με ένα κάτοπτρο.Ιδανικό για λήψη στις 13°E+16°E+19.2°E με κάτοπτρο 90 εκατοστά.


Product Description

Lnb Inverto triple feed

• 90 cm wide parabolic offset reflector

• 40mm feed clamp with ~7mm profile (the LNB will be supplied with 40mm ring adaptor)

• F/D = 0.6

It features a frequency range of 10.7 to 12.75GHz divided into Low Band (10.70 to 11.70GHz) and High Band (11.70 to 12.75GHz). It receives waves with horizontal and vertical polarization. The LNB provides one switchable IF outputs (Single model). The output carries also power supply and control signals. Output port is F type. DiSEqC1.0 commands allow switching the output to a particular band and orbital position.